We went to the auction sale on Saturday morning at a 180 year old farm house near here. There were soooo many blackflies out that we checked out the items and wussed out and dashed back to the blackfly-free zone in the car.

The farm house was a humble little thing and there weren’t too many valuables there. I was most intrigued by the bags and scrapbooks of old photos from the area – photos that are almost 100 years old. I really hope a museum ends up with them. Who could auction off their family history like that? There were many from logging camps and saw mills. Some of the names were written on them – many of them were common last names around here still.

After that we went down to the old town of Goldenville that is just passed Sherbrooke. It was once bigger than Sherbrooke we hear, but there are very few houses left. It was a gold mining town. We could see piles of rock and mine tailings all over. Some areas were fenced off with Ministry of Health signs warning people to stay away.

I found this information about Goldenville on the Internet: “In the 11 years (1861-1872) Goldenville produced 62,000 ounces of FINE GOLD from about 60,000 tons of ore crushed. The rough rule was: 10 tons of waste rock for one tone of crushable ore. Thus some 600,000 tons of waste rock had to be mined-out during these years. For the 80 years (1861 – 1942) production of 210,000 ounces of gold, the total removal of waste rock would have been about two million tons. Hence the appearance of huge mounds of waste rock “dumps” throughout the community.” The population of Goldenville peaked with 1,000 people in 1870.

Jeff spotted this guy on someone’s overgrown front lawn in Goldenville. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a male pheasant in person before!


In the afternoon the rain came in and we went to New Glasgow to watch Indiana Jones. It was okay. One of the storyline was so predictable – I had it figured out right away. The main quest of the movie was really hokey, but there was some good action scenes. I think if you intend to see it, you might as well go see it in the theatre. 3 stars out of 5.

Whew, I’m all caught up on my blogging now. Now I can get some work done!

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