New Laundry Machines!

We’ve been waiting, watching prices, driving the saleswoman at Sears crazy for over a year now, and last week we took the leap! New laundry machines!

Old machines:

Laundry Machines

New Machines!

Claimed by Zeus immediately – he has to conquer all the heights in the house:

Laundry Machines

Trooper was mildly interested.

Laundry Machines

The dryer took the longest to set up and level.

Laundry Machines

And we love them! Now we can sit (on the can) and watch the clothes to around. I don’t know where it is putting all of the dog hair, but the washing machine seems to be taking off all the hair. The dryer’s lint trap is practically empty each time, and the clothes are so clean, and hair free.

Laundry Machines

We skipped on the steam feature, but this set does have a sanitary super hot setting so we can cook the stink out of the dog beds 🙂


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  1. all that and you didn’t take a picture of the clothes spinning around— saving the good stuff for yourself eh 🙂

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