Our new Douglas mattress flew into town yesterday via Air North. And our new bed frame and headboard arrived by freight! And our new bedside lamps arrived by mail. What perfect timing! How did that ever work out all on the same day!?

It just happened to coincide with my weakest day of this chemo round, so I was a useless tool and Jeff did all the work.

Now this is where a sexy picture of our new king sized bed should go. Remember me saying how amazing the timing was that everything arrived on the same day? Well it was… only the sheets haven’t arrived yet! We’re sleeping on a patchwork of sheets and blankets. So here is a picture from The Brick’s website 😀

Now, for my first night review.

It was heaven! This mattress is so comfortable. And why didn’t we go to a King sized bed years ago.

The foam mattress is so comfortable, giving me no painful pressure points in my sore bones. It is comfortable in any position – lying on my back, side, and I even tried my stomach. It’s like sleeping on a cloud.

And the whole bed height is lower now, which is somehow so much more comfortable than having a tall bed that you have to climb up into.

We were concerned about mattress off-gassing smell, but the Douglas really doesn’t have any noticeable smell. But the new bed frame sure does! It’s got a strong glue smell from the Made in Vietnam laminate wood pieces. Didn’t stop me from sleeping in it, then getting up this morning, getting dressed, and crawling right back in though 😀