Feb 15, 1983

Dear Diary Today I go to Christa’s birthday party. I got a bad cold. Today is pancake day. I go to the ice capades. Today... Read more

Feb 14 1983

Dear Diary Today I got coke in my Lunch. Today is Valentine’s day. Tomrow is my brother’s birthday. I like Valentine’s day. Read more

Feb 11, 1983

Dear Diary Yesterday Becky and her sister came. We played that we had to hide the ball. Me and Becky hid teh ball. Becky’s sister... Read more

Feb 10, 1983

Dear Diary The weather is cold and sunny. Today Becky is coming to my place to skate and her sister is too. On Monday is... Read more

Feb 9, 1983

Dear Diary Becky might come to my home tonight to skate and Kim and Kevin might come too. I could not find Rumpelstiltskin today. Read more

Feb 8, 1983

Dear Diary Rumpelstiltskin is here. He is on my pilcol. Miss. Jutzi is going home today. I went skating yesterday. When I get home I... Read more

Feb 3, 1983

Dear Diary My alastik on my skiepaints broke. The wether is rainney. I went to my coisns. It was fun. I got a lost tooth. Read more