Lisa (Verkley) Schuyler is a blogger reporting live from her new home in Canada's Yukon Territory. Often found wearing a hoodie, covered in pet hair, Lisa is a mis-placed forester who now spends her days engineering happiness for WordPress users. Lisa loves nature, animals, and most importantly, her handsome husband Jeff.

3 Replies to “Feb 9, 1983

  1. I actually laughed out loud when I read,
    “I could not find Rumpelstiltskin today.”
    Oh Lisa, must have been a rough day for you, when you can’t find your imaginary friend…..

  2. I have no idea who Rumpelstiltskin was or why I could spell that and not simpler words like pillow.
    I have lots more diary entries from 1983, should I keep going?

    1. I am sure you had a book with his name on it so you could spell it correctly. Yes keep going, I like to laugh at you, I mean with you.

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