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Wondering who I am, eh?

Well I’m Lisa. Now known as Lisa Schuyler, formerly as Lisa Verkley. I was raised on a large family dairy farm in southern Ontario, Canada, surrounded by my big extended Dutch family.

I caught a love for the outdoors while working as an Ontario Ranger in Northern Ontario. I worked every summer up north starting at age 16 and then moved to Thunder Bay to earn my Forestry degree from Lakehead University.

Eventually, I ended up working in Sault Ste. Marie, where I met the love of my life, Jeff. Together we spent 8 years living in Nova Scotia and now live in Dawson City, Yukon.

Somewhere along the way, my forestry career and my web development hobby swapped roles. Funny how things work out…

History of my Blog

I’ve been blogging since March 21, 2005. (New here? Start reading from the beginning.)

When I started this blog, I thought it would just be another affiliate marketing site about my new camera. By June, I was hooked on blogging!

Since that time, my loyal readers have been treated to my adventures, from sitting on the side of a road in a boat with a flat tire, to catching the two wild kittens that were living under our porch, to our quick Christmas honeymoon when our truck broke down in Quebec. And how could you forget my adventures with an epilator, or when the groundhogs moved into our woodpile, or the day I called Jeff in tears to come home from work to save me from a snake.

I’ve shared my very sad times, like the loss of my first dog Winger, and then the loss of my second dog Surf, and of losing my very special Grandma.

I haven’t shied away from sharing my klutzy times involving a lawnmower, a tv tray, my headphones, and how saving a salamander got us a new kitchen sink.

Speaking of home renovations, remember when we discovered my bathroom was completely rotten?, or when the main water line under my house burst?, and recently, helping Jeff build new shed.

In 2007, we made the decision to leave our home province of Ontario for a great job offer for Jeff in Nova Scotia. We found a lovely cape cod style house on the side of a valley, overlooking a lake in Antigonish County.

While living in Nova Scotia, we shared our maritime adventures, from places like the Bird Islands, the Bay of Fundy, Halifax, the Liscombe Fish Ladder, the Cabot Trail, our back road adventures, to my favourite place there – the Cape George Lighthouse.

In 2015 Jeff accepted a new job offer, in Dawson City, Yukon. Be sure to read about our drive across Canada to get up here! We’ve had so many adventures in our new subarctic home, including a year of cancer treatment (I made it through!)! Jump into our ATV adventures in the Yukon, or into our adventures up the Dempster.

I’m working now as a software engineer at Automattic, but I kept most of that techy stuff off of here. You’re welcome!


  1. jackie

    Hi Lisa,
    My name is Jackie – I work with CTV.
    I’m looking into poultry prices – and came across your blog on grocery prices.
    would you mind giving me a call please?
    you can reach me at 902-233-7139

  2. Ninjaprooved

    you got a very intresting Blog Lisa. Nice to meet you 🙂 Cheers Marci

  3. Louise

    Great blog, Lisa. I’ve always loved Nova Scotia and I’m looking to emigrate over within the next year. It’s great to get an honest prospective on life from someone who knows . I can’t say it’s put me off, but it’s definitely useful. Thank you and keep doing a great job x. Louise, UK

  4. Donna

    Nice blog Lisa! Thanks for stopping by my art blog! 🙂

  5. Kathleen Donohue

    What a wonderful blog! You are so adventurous. It will be fun to follow your stories. Thank you for telling me about your blog.

  6. sagamorgan

    Discovered your blog while researching the setting for the book The Stranger on the Ice – I had no idea where all the places were until now, and it’s fascinating. I would like to follow your blog.

  7. Eric

    Hey Lisa,
    Eric Richard here, from Bluenose Country.
    I stumbled on your blog, in much the way you stumbled on the old RCAF aero drone in South Maitland :o)
    I was googling what that was when I found you blog!
    Excellent coincidence!
    I live here in NS and grew up in the aviation industry, so I was quite smitten to learn there was another aero drone beyond the well know one in Stanley, NS, not far from Selma.
    I just wanted to say thank you for the story and the photos, both were quite entertaining and astonishing.
    I have friends who will be floored when I share your story.
    So thank you, and the lads (Hank & Griff) are quite adorable.

    1. Lisa

      You’re welcome Eric! Thanks for leaving such a nice note!

  8. Manidoonaateshing-ikwe / Phylmarie Fess

    Good afternoon Lisa, I just found this page!

    I’m Phylmarie Fess, in Ontario. My traditional Ojibwe name is Manidoonaateshing-ikwe. Am Turtle Clan. Educator. Love studying Native plants’ companionships. And programming.

    I have high respect for your web development about Ontario Native Plant species – Northern Ontario Plant Database. You had such FUN with multiple arrays!

    Wonderful life balancing travels of you and husband.

    My husband and I, do similar.

  9. Sharon

    Loved reading your story, Lisa. You are fascinating person. My husband and I live in Ontario. His family has a farm and he worked in the parks department. I work in career development and have three websites. I was on the search for support when I ran into your blog. You are a beautiful writer and your genuine kindness and flare for life comes across. I see many similarities in your life story and ours.

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