Yesterday my Dad came in calling “ANN! ANN!” My mom came running to him. He said he had cut his thumb off and just holding it on. But it was not off. So my mom called the hospoitl and he said to put it in a bag of ice. Then Ed took him there. Mom got his colos. Joe took mom there. Nora came and took care of us. For dinner he had turkey on a bun. It was good. Mom came home at 9:00. She said Dad is staying at the hospoitl. So today I think Dad might be home. Oh I just about forgot he had a bad cut, a chiped bone and broken atentes.


Note: Teacher gave me an A- .  Looks like I turned the minus into a plus with my pencil. Sneaky!

Update on next page with no date:

When my Dad goes back to the docker he gets a new bandage. But today he does not get a new bandage. For he can use it now. It looks like this.

(Drawing of stitched up finger here.)

His nale is black so it will come off. He has four stiches but they are out. He might have to have a aperachon to fix the atentes.