It’s just unreal! I’m sitting on one of my new deck chairs with my wireless laptop. It is 25-26 degrees Celcius out here! It’s April! In northern Ontario, Canada! It wouldn’t be surprising to still be receiving snow on this day!

Such a warm dry streak. My Manitoba maples (Acer negundo) flushed yesterday. The grass is greening up. (Normally it doesn’t need a cut until long into May) My tulips are quickly sprouting up – but the beds are so dry, who has ever had to water tulips? Hopefully we get the rain forecasted tonight and that’ll dampen the bush enough to put off fire bans until much later in the year.

I’m grabbing my Kodak Easyshare Z740 right now and I’ll update soon with some pics of the day!

Okay here are some pics! Ahh this cold beer I’m enjoying while sitting on this new deck chair sure tastes good. haha.

The first one of the sky – I think I’d like to retry that with the backlit feature on the camera and see how it turns out. The second photo is a clump of tulips in the front bed that are showing their buds already. The last is a bud that has flushed on a Manitoba maple tree.