Got the grass cut yesterday – first cut of the season. I really need to get my mower tuned up. I forgot how well tennis balls hide in tall grass – I hit two of them within 5 feet from each other. Totally shuts off the lawnmower!

I tell ya, there isn’t much Winger enjoys more than rolling on his back in the freshly cut grass!

Was it ever cold this morning! All my tulips were totally slouched over from the frost. I should have taken a photo of them, but they looked too sad! (YES, that is right!, the tulip vandal hasn’t returned! and he/she better not!) It was -3 when I went to work. It sure was hard to leave my warm bed. I really wanted to turn on the furnace, but it’s MAY! Sure was a beautiful sunshiney day though!

I took another photo of a bird on the birdfeeder. I really like how this one turned out.