Things you Can’t buy No-Name

Seriously, there are just some things you can’t.. you just shouldn’t.. buy no-name.

I’m composing a list.

My latest discovery: Just because the giant box of generic Cheerios are only $2, don’t buy them!! They start to disintegrate as soon as the milk hits! EWWWW At least I had blueberries and sliced up strawberries in there to disguise the taste and texture!

Okay here’s my list, feel free to add to it:

Saran Wrap
Shaving Cream
Toilet paper


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2 Replies to “Things you Can’t buy No-Name

  1. fruti-o’s are no substitue for froot loops i can tell you that.

    no name batteries are cheaper, but they don’t seem to last very long

    cheap air popping pop corn. i read a study recently. the “cheap” stuff is cheap per bag, but the number of kernels popped can be so poor that it ends up more expensive per popped piece than the Orvil’s Gourmet stuff!

  2. YES! No name batteries are a joke. The real ones are well worth the cash!

    Never heard the popcorn study. I always buy no name! Maybe I’ll try the Gourmet next time!

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