You know, I’m remembering why winter is my favourite season. I love aspects of the summer, like gardening, and lawnchairs, and beer, but….

The heat… the unbelievable humidity. It’s been weeks! The only reason I can manage to do as much as type here on my blog is my fabulific air conditioner. It’s too hot outside to sit in my lawn chairs. I can’t cut the grass because it’s dead straw. There is no sense weeding my garden when nothing is growing. I can’t take my dogs to the lake to swim because it’s too hot to get there for them. Whine whine whine,,, I know.

I have spent most of the last week here in my bed. My window air conditioner is in here, my tv and digital cable, telephone, and wireless laptop. The curtains have been shut all week so I have no idea when it’s dark or light. It’s like a survival cave. The humidex was over 30 when I woke up at 8 this morning! It’s currently 9:30pm and the humidex is still 34C.

Okay, so quite whining already. What can I tell you that is fascinating. I watched a couple good movies this weekend: Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. It got 3 stars! It was amusing. This morning I watched Terminator 3. It wasn’t bad either.

If only it would rain.