Well gas is now 139.9 here, so travelling is out of the question!

I’m also not coming home for the plowing match, which makes me really sad, but it just isn’t in the cards financially wise, nor with Winger, or with just how long it takes to drive down there!

The prednisone has turned Winger into such a hyper puppy! Seriously, in his head his hip displasia and arthritis are GONE! I imagine it’s eliminated the inflammation of the arthritis, but he is leaping and jump and running up the stairs like I’ve never seen him do! Prednisone also makes him so HUNGRY! Seriously, he’d eat the entire fridge if he could find a way to get his teeth around it!

So I’m spending the long weekend at home. Herc* bought a new laptop so I’ve set him up on my wireless network so he can amuse himself and I can have my laptop to myself 🙂

I’ve switched Winger back to kibble because prednisone is going to kill his immune system and make him susceptible to all sorts of nasties. I bought the kibble he does okay with – Natural Balance Duck and Potato by Dick Van Patten. It was $44 for 17 pounds! My god! I’m sure I was feeding them cheaper than that on raw meat. I’m putting Surf on kibble too while Winger is still here so there will be no fights over meat. Maybe I’ll find another one that is cheaper for her because she can tolerate the grains that Winger can’t.

Okay, off to clean up the house a little. Hope you are all having a fantastic long weekend and the gas is cheaper where you are!