I had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend. My sister Julie came to spend the holiday with me. Some of the highlights:

  • We went to see the movie In Her Shoes. It was very very good. I didn’t want it to end. It was over 2 hours, but it was the kind of long movie where you don’t want to look at your watch. Excellent character development.
  • We went to America. Julie won 300 quarters at once at the Keewadin casino. We each played $20. I was out in 2 minutes. She kept playing and eventually cashed out and still had over $81. She’s funny how she communicates with the slot machines. She waits until one talk to her before she’ll feed it a quarter. Or she’ll give each machine in a row just 2 chances, one quarter at a time, and if they don’t pay up, well then she’s movin’ on!
  • I made a turkey dinner. It was a cook-from-frozen, pre-stuffed Butterball turkey. It cost $44.77! OUCH! Silly me waited to cook the pies the day of the turkey feast, not thinking that they both couldn’t go in the oven the same time. So the turkey cooking didn’t commence until rather late, so I was slackin’ off thinking that it would be hours and hours before we ate. Then suddenly it was done and nothing else was started!
  • Herc and Julie were a little iffy on my wine selections. I don’t know the first thing about wines, so I picked a red wine with a dog paw print on the top of the cork, ‘cuz it was cool! and a white wine with a pretty bird on the label. I think the choices worked out okay.
  • Julie thought it was safe to leave a saran-wrapped pumpkin pie by the door when she was packing up her stuff, but of course, Surf ate the filling of it! I got mad at first, at Julie for leaving it on the floor, but then I couldn’t stop laughing. It was funny! I couldn’t yell at Surf, after all, it was a free pie on the floor!
  • We went out for dinner after the movie we saw, and it was amusing to watch the faces on the serving staff when about 50 Chinese visitors from the fall leaf tour bus trip came in for dinner at 9:50pm! The staff did not look very amused!

So now it’s Wednesday and I’m back at work, writing this on my lunch break. Herc has the week off and of course I’m not jealous one bit. Luckily I managed to get up early again so I’ll be out of here at 3!