Today was a better day.

Work was better. I downloaded the new Visual Basic 2005 Express version. I still hate Visual Basic but this set up seems like it will be easier to use and fiddle with. VB6 was so frustrating. Especially since my scroll mouse didn’t work in the coding window. That just made an annoying program so much more so. Now if I can only get something working so I can impress my supervisor on Friday.

I’ve kept busy all evening, which kept my mind from wandering, and my eyes from crying. It looks like my immediate money problems will be over in a few days when I will be able to cash in a bond that was held in my name until I was 30. I’m not quite 30 yet, but these ones you can only cash in for a 30 day time span once a year. Luckily I found that out before it was too late so I can get it a few weeks before I was supposed to. It’ll bring my account back up into the plus signs again anyway. That takes a HUGE HUGE load off my back, it was really stressing me out thinking of going on vacation with not a dime to spare. Let alone thinking of how I was going to afford gas to get home at Christmas. Now I can relax a little and get things back on track.

We have a snowstorm right now. The highways are closed north of town. I’m just wondering if I’m going to have to shovel the driveway in the morning to get out. Yes that is right, I have my truck back. I was in the shop for a couple days, but it’s good as new now. It has a new gas tank and sending unit and gas lines and it had an oil change and was undercoated for the winter. My mechanic is fantastic and he is allowing me to pay the 2nd half of the bill on my next payday. My truck seems to start way easier now. I used to have to turn the key longer. Maybe that was when all the gas was leaking out. I wonder if I have a real bottom quarter of the tank now – before I would be out of gas if I let it go into the bottom quarter on the gauge too far. I think every part of my truck is new now, except for the outside. The only thing I might still have to fix this winter.. that I know about.. is that cracked windshield. It doesn’t like the defrost when it’s cold. If it stays in the far corner I’ll probably leave it, but if it comes over to my view point I’ll have to replace it. I guess I’ll have to drive it for a few more years to recoup this repairs. At least it drives well and the seat is comfy.

I talked to the breeders tonight. I really needed a puppy fix but they were so busy I didn’t learn much new. 15.5 days to go. I was really looking forward to seeing Winger’s brother when I get out there, but he’s just gotten really sick so he might not make it that long 🙁 There are 4 male puppies for me to choose from and they think they’ve narrowed it down to the one for me, or at least down to 2 so far. I’ll get to meet them all and then the next day their new families will come to pick them up.

Oh and if anyone needs an idea for a Christmas gift for MOI, I just threw out my big frying pan. Dad and Julie used it last and everytime I wash or use it more of the metal or whatever it is flakes off. It was all rusty and I decided I didn’t want rust in my food. Into the trash it has gone!

Good night! Hey! Did you hear that? A snowmobile just went by!