Christmas List(s)

Okay you want to know what I want for Christmas. I really haven’t thought about it, but I have been coming back here and updating the following lists when I think of things:

List 1 – Things that are Likely:

  • large frying pan
  • a good knife for the kitchen – to chop veggies and not fingers
  • puppy toys
  • MEC (Mountain Equipment Coop) – MEC Duffle Bag – XL – $32 and/or the MEC Travel All Shoulder Bag, Black, $15
  • Reitmans (clothing store) gift certificates
  • Home Depot gift certificate (my bathroom could use some walls one of these days)

List 2 – Things that are Unlikely, but Hey, why not Dream a little:

  • new windshield (1992 Chevy S10)
  • satellite radio for my truck
  • Queen-sized feather duvet
  • new laptop to replace my dead one, wireless & lots of horsepower
  • brown leather sofa (futon is falling apart)
  • 2006 Honda Element, 4×4, colour of your choice

List 3 – Please do not get me:

  • Chocolate, Tylenol, Oysters (this year’s new allergies)
  • Any pets
  • Things to make me cry about my lost dogs (unless you’ve already told me about it)

My current fav albums that you NEED to download to add to your music shuffle:

I’m still excited for my trip to the west coast. So many aspects of it to be excited about: new puppy, seeing old friends, seeing the west coast for the first time, maybe a mountain or two, being in Vancouver, biggest plane I’ll have ever been on, longest flight I’ll have ever been on, etc, etc. Still nervous about getting a puppy and I hope I’m doing the right thing.

It scares me how much I’m blocking Winger & Surf totally out of my mind so I can get through the day. I hope I’m not putting off some serious grieving, I just can’t think about memories of them right now, it’s just tooooooo hard. 2 o’clock in the afternoon is the worst, every day. It’s probably because I’m sitting at my desk bored, wanting to go home, knowing I have 2 hours to go in the day. I have to go walk around because I tear up every day at 2. When Winger died I felt I was always about 4 seconds from crying. Now I feel like I’m always a blink away. Just one thought of how much I miss them and poof, I’ll blink, and reopen with tear filled eyes. I’m sure when Surf’s ashes get delivered I’ll have another predictably bad day. It’s part of the good-bye process, so I’ll face it when it comes. It would be kinda nice if they come before all the snow comes back so I can spread them where I spread Winger’s without having to wait until spring.

Hopefully the puppy will not be a total terror and he’ll help me heal. A vacation should really do me good too. Too bad it isn’t for a month! HA


Lisa (Verkley) Schuyler is a blogger reporting live from her new home in Canada's Yukon Territory. Often found wearing a hoodie, covered in pet hair, Lisa is a mis-placed forester who now spends her days engineering happiness for WordPress users. Lisa loves nature, animals, and most importantly, her handsome husband Jeff.

2 Replies to “Christmas List(s)

  1. have you heard that Paul Anka stuff ?!? i saw him live on some late night talk show do Smells Like Teen Spirit. Was both cool and really strange.

    what have you done with your old laptop? it sucks that they aren’t fixable / upgradeable. it kills me that there isn’t _some way_ to revive it…

  2. I think I almost like Paul Anka’s versions MORE than the original. I just love all the orchestral additions. Download it, you’ll like it Brian.

    Old laptop – well it’s just sitting here. I plugged the harddrive into my desktop computer so I could still have my data. I could probably sell it, but with a probable dead motherboard and no harddrive and a broken power button, I imagine I wouldn’t make enough to cover the shipping.

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