Well a week from now I will have met my new pup already. I’m excited for a vacation! Still nervous about getting a pup. J. bought a couple puppy toys for him. So cute. I guess I should spend sometime this weekend getting stuff off the floor and out of the chew zone. Yeah right. I’m a packrat with stuff everywhere. Maybe I’ll just pick it up as he does.

So let me round-up the end of the week.

My favourite news story of the week: Russian squirrel pack ‘kills dog’. Dad should really be careful all those squirrels he’s trapping don’t turn on him!

An update on my Freestyle rant of a few weeks back. CBC One’s afternoon program, Freestyle, is still the worst program I’ve ever heard on CBC radio. I can’t understand why they haven’t made the slightest notion of trying to improve or change it. It’s sooooooooo bad. I can’t stand listening to their scripted banter. They have no chemistry. The music is horrible. There is too much of it. They talk about absolutely nothing of interest. I still often turn it off and sit at work in silence. (I always get a lot of hits from search engines when I bitch about Freestyle. I guess everyone is searching because they feel the same way. Now they know they aren’t alone.)

Satellite radio came out this week in Canada. I would just LOVE to have one of those installed in my truck for the 9.5+ hour drive home at Christmas. Especially since it will be a Saturday (Christmas Eve) and there is bound to be Christmas carols on all day. Now the odd carol is nothing to whine about, but by 9 hours into a drive, I’m sure I’ll be whining. If I drove any distance more often, then I’d find a way to justify subscribing to satellite radio, but right now I just drive around town, and the sign of the antennae on my roof would surely get my truck busted into. Maybe in 3 years when I loans are paid and I get a new vehicle with one built in.

I did spoil myself a little and I bought a cell phone – well I ordered it before Surf died and it arrived just a couple days after she died. I just wasn’t in the mood to blog about it. It seems really groovy to me, but I haven’t actually made a call yet, other than to set up the voice mail box. I went with the Virgin Mobile Hot Box special (http://www.virginmobile.ca) – it’s a Nokia 6015i. It is even equipped with a flashlight! I really wanted it for my trip, and for my drive home at Christmas. If you are a Lisa’s Blog reader from way back, you know the last time I drove home I had a long detour from missing my ferry, and then I was stuck in traffic for a bizillion hours, stopped dead on the 400, and Julie thought I was dead because I had no way to call her to explain why I wasn’t home yet. Now I’ll be ready to go. It’s a pay as you go phone and it keeps the money you put on it for 3 months so the deal seemed good enough for me since I’ll rarely use it. It is such a tiny phone, it easily fits in my inside coat pocket.

Surf’s ashes arrived today. I was so excited to see the parcel slip on my door thinking someone sent me something special. Luckily I realized what it was soon enough. I had a good cry for an hour or so before I went and picked them at the post office. Today’s cry was more of anger, like why did she have to die too? I’m glad they mailed them to me this time. Going back to that vet’s office where I said good-bye to her would have just been too soon and too hard. That was very difficult when I had to picked up Winger’s there. I would have liked to spread her ashes tomorrow, but there is 30-40cm of snow expected to arrive, so hopefully there will be a day before I leave on Friday that I can park on the road and hike in to the spot and spread them. J. offered to drive me up there tonight in the dark before it got too snowy, but I’d rather do it during the day, and probably alone because he’s seen me cry enough over the last few months.

Well now that it’s into Saturday, but I still have several other good “tails” to tell, I’ll keep them for another day. Have a good weekend. Zeus and I are going to bed.