Well I hadn’t planned on waking up until 4 o’clock am, but I was having the worst nightmares. Everytime I let myself go back to sleep, it would be a little worse, each time I was on the way to the airport, Dad was driving, and suddenly it was 8am. (Flight leaves at 6am). In one of the dreams I threw I huge fit and was squirming around, hitting and kicking the dash and doors. hehe. So I finally got out of bed at 3:40am. If I don’t look at the clock, it feels just like 7:00 does when I’m getting ready for work!

So I’m off to the west coast today to meet my new puppy. I hope I can decide on his name once I meet him.

Right now I’m eating some fruit cocktail. Yums. Nothing like bottled pears in the wee hours. Seriously, they’re good.

I tried to call Brian last night to give him my main passwords to my server and to erase the sick comment spam that I’m sure will appear here before I get back, but he wasn’t home to take my call. Just ignore them, it’s a daily occurrance, I’ll delete them on Wednesday.

J’s giving me a ride to the airport in an hour. Hope he wakes up! Can you believe how nice he is to wake up this early to make sure I go away for 5 days? hehe. I sure hope he doesn’t get too lonely. hehe.

Love you all, bye!