Monty is wearing me out. This is a good way to get in shape! I feel like I have a new baby and everytime he zonks out I have to run around and do the chores I can’t do when I have to keep my eye on him.

He’s an awesome little puppy. Smart and very confident. I’m trying to get him to used to the x-pen and crate and so far so good, he doesn’t whine for long when I put him in the x-pen and the crate he just goes to sleep (or humps Winger’s big stuffed lion).

He can already drag big toys around the house. He can pick up balls bigger than a tennis ball with his mouth. He chews everything he can reach. He stole the end of the toilet paper this morning and tp’d my hallway. When I open the mail, he takes the envelopes and runs away to chew them. Little bugger. I love him though. He’s making me happy.. I think.. I’m too tired to know for sure 😉