There is no doubt my blog posts are going to be much shorter for awhile with a pupster (or is that poopster) to keep my eye on!

J and I went to see Narnia – The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe this evening. I liked it. It’s nice to see a feel good PG movie once in awhile. There were really good previews for more animated movies. I rarely rent or go see those ones, but the previews made me chuckle so maybe in 2006 I’ll have to start.

Monty is in his x-pen right now because he knocked over the living room garbage, looking for something to chew on. In his exercise pen, he has his lion, a big dog bed to lie on, tons of toys, and his rawhide to chew on – and it’s in the kitchen so I can see it from my computer desk. He loves Winger’s old big lion so much. He sleeps with it, and drags it around the house, then humps it, then suckles it. I’m glad he likes it as much as Winger did.. okay maybe he likes it even more, Winger didn’t suckle it!

We’re off to bed shortly, but I gotta tell you, puppy hiccups are SO CUTE!! (even his little puppy fart was kinda cute). He had a bath today and is all fluffy.

UPDATE: I’ve never seen snow come down like this before. It just snowed at least 2 inches in the last 20-30 minutes. It looks like it’s pouring, but it’s snowballs from the sky – big clusters of snowflakes in ball shape. I guess I’ll be shovelling in the morning after all because it’s still coming down!