How’s that for a title!!

Another movie to review: Assault on Precinct 13 I give it a 2/5 star. We caught it on the movie channel last night. It was watchable, but predictable, and some things just didn’t make sense. Drea de Matteo was in it and I like her (from Sopranos and Joey). Worth watching on TV, don’t bother paying for it unless you’re really stuck for a movie.

I’m continuing my cooking streak. In fact I even watched Emeril from the treadmill today! I made soft tacos the other day with a home-made raw salsa. SO YUMMY. 4/5 ! I took some ideas from a bunch of raw salsa recipes. I used the food processor to chop up:

1 stalk of celery
4-5 tomatos
2 onions
3 jalapenos (seeds removed)
the juice of one lime
hand full of fresh cilantro

Once it was all sliced up I put a chopper blade in and blended it more. It was spicy and fresh and juicy. I really enjoyed it. There was plenty so I froze some in small amounts in ziplocs for future tacos or nachos.

I just made the marinade for the tequila lime chicken I’m cooking tomorrow night. I can’t wait – it’s going to be good!

J. and I went to America today. We did a little shopping. I spoiled us at the Bath and Body Works store. Then we had a pizza from Little Caesars (since the pizza in the Canadian Sault SUCKS SO BAD – I could go on a huge rant on here on why the pizza in the Sault is so bloody awful but I could sum it up by saying they cut EVERY pizza in squares, and that WRECKS what wee potential the crappy pizza might have had) Anyway, where was I? Yes I even treated myself to a few mouthfuls of cherry coke (I gave up all pops 2 years ago (2 years, 3 months) to be exact). The breeders always buy Cherry Coke when I’m coming to visit so I decided long before I went out there in December that I’d break my streak and have them. They ended up only having diet cherry coke and I had a few and they were so awful and unsatisfying so I was dying to try a “real” cherry coke. I was really disappointed. That amazing quench of a cherry coke just doesn’t exist when you aren’t addicted to soda anymore. It was chemically and fizzy and I can go back to not drinking them again.

We also did some looking at light fixtures for my kitchen. Even though my kitchen is smaller than most people’s pantries, it is painfully dim. Now that I’m a chef-wanna-be, I need light! Especially with all these sharp knives I got for Christmas! So hopefully Dad can help me out if/when he comes up. The light now isn’t in the centre of the ceiling so I’m not sure what will work. Possibly this one that had two tracks coming off the centre that are easily re-angled with 4 lights total. Or I might just install a light under the cupboards. Not sure yet.

Okay there’s my quick and fast update (ya ya looks long, but I talk fast). I’ll let ya know how the grilled tequila lime chicken is tomorrow.