Two thumbs up to Thunder Bay’s city council that turned down the latest proposal which would have seen 60 acres of Lakehead University land developed to build a new high school on the corner of Oliver Road and Golf Links. This would have resulted in the loss of the woodlands behind the student residences. That would be a HUGE loss to the draw on the campus!

They had a big scheme proposed – a three way land swap between the Golf Course, Lakehead University, and the public school board. They are closing several high schools and want to build a new one at this corner, so it is close to the University and the Hospital. Why? I have no idea – they thought they would develop cross programs.

Hundreds of Lakehead University students, and other interested groups swarmed their council meeting, so many that they had to put them in other rooms. They were concerned about the loss of this wooded land, and the environmental impact that would be experienced. Not to mention that the high school students would all have to be bused there, and high school students don’t belong on a University campus.

Living in Sault Ste. Marie right now, where we have a city council that makes the wrong decision every time, it is comforting to hear that Thunder Bay’s council still has some common sense.

Unfortately, Fred Gilbert, LU’s president, mentioned an appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board. It’s too bad he doesn’t give any credit to the voices of his students.

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Council says no to land swap