Did anyone else just hear me screaming at that woman to shut her mouth? (I tried to go to bed early, really I did.)

I’m speaking about Heather Mills McCartney. She, and her husband Sir Paul, are on CNN with Larry King bathering on and on about the seal hunt. Danny Williams, Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador is trying to educate them, but she just keeps flapping her gums, reciting her propaganda, and making herself look the fool! My god, Heather, do yourself a favour and button up!!

The McCartneys are being used as propaganda tools. They look like fools. Danny Williams did a fantastic job. Hell Paul McCartney didn’t even know what province he was in – he thought he was in Newfoundland, but he was in PEI.

The HSUS is a propaganda machine, who likely makes millions by spreading this trash. Of course the baby seals are cute and they are killed in the white snow and ice so it’s bloody, but all animals are harvested and killed for our benefit – you don’t see the McCartney’s in a slaughterhouse when beef cows are killed (although maybe I’d prefer that so the noise would drown out that woman’s voice).

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