Amazing Race

I love The Amazing Race. Unfortunately I can’t watch it this season.

Why you ask?

Because it’s on AFTER my bed time!

After coming off their family season, where ratings plummeted, why on earth would they wait until 10pm to air it? If American Idol is the problem, wait until next season!

Last week was the opening episode. It was 2 hours in length, from 9-11pm. I made it until 10pm and fell asleep. Last night I made it until about 10:10pm.

Just imagine how many more people would be able to watch their show if it was on at 8pm!


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2 Replies to “Amazing Race

  1. agreed. it is on too late. and for an award winning show, i’m a bit surprised. We too watched the first one (through to the end), but didn’t make the second one.

    However, this is where bittorrent is your friend. Go pick it up off mininova if you missed it. Of course, Leanne’s computer uses the TV as a monitor, so, if yours doesn’t it may not be as good.

  2. You know Brian, sometimes I think about getting rid of cable and just buying a nice tv like yours and doing the bit torrent thing… however… I suspect your tv was probably worth a few years of cable so I really wouldn’t be saving anything 🙂

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