Gorgeous March weekend here – really warm, and we’ve lots the majority of the snow. My laneway has been down to mud since Friday. Although that could soon change with the winter storm watch we have right now!

J. finally came back after being gone for 2 weeks, but he had a really sore foot and hasn’t been able to move around until this afternoon so I gladly volunteered to be his nurse. Lucky man getting his meals delivered to his immobile self in bed.

Monty is getting to spend a couple hours at a time outside in his kennel run. He loves it. Too bad it will short lived because when it’s down to mud I doubt he’ll be in it long until the ground hardens up. Today I caught him standing ON TOP of his dog house! That’s right, all four paws were up there! Funny dog! He loves standing out there and watching the birds. He’s got good eyes.

The Soprano’s starts their new season tonight. I’ve been waiting for almost 2 years for this season. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE The Soprano’s. The character development on that show is incredible. So if you call tonight when it’s on, fully expect the voice mail to take your call 🙂