Here’s my new outdoor fireplace! We had a nice fire last night using some of the firewood we had left over from camping last year.

I bought 4 new sidewalk-like patio stones to make the area square – no idea why they didn’t buy and put in those extra 4 stones before. They were heavy as hell. They still need to be adjusted to be perfectly flat, but I need J. to help me because I was killing my back trying to lift them and shove dirt in the right place to flatten them.

Today we have a fun match dog show to go to. I got up at 6:30 and now Monty is groomed. He isn’t too hard since he doesn’t have a thick long coat yet. I decided not to bath him since it’s only a fun match. Unfortunately the jeans I was going to wear today finally gave out during yard rearranging yesterday with a big hole so I either have to come up with something in my closet or run to the mall before we head out for noon.