My quick dash to Southern Ontario over the weekend was good.

Traffic was practically non-existent. I took the I-75 to I-69 short cut from the Sault to Port Huron/Sarnia. The American highways sure are crappy – why don’t they use asphalt?

The longest border delay was maybe 20 minutes. Note to self: don’t take meat sandwiches into the US or they’ll confiscate them for their own lunch. They don’t appear to be partial to peanut butter and jam because he let me keep those ones.

I took Mom out to dinner on Friday night. The new Chinese buffet restaurant in Listowel was packed and lined up out the door so we went next door to Pizza Delight. It was also packed but we got a seat and had their pizza, pasta, and salad buffet. It was the LDSS 125 high school reunion weekend, which is why the town was packed all weekend. Brian and Leannio went, but I hated high school so I was getting the cold sweats just thinking about going. Brian and Leannio report my photo was on the wall twice in the 90’s room Hall of Fame. I guess there were a couple of teachers still alive that I would have liked to talk to, but there wasn’t really any old students I was looking for.

Saturday morning Monty and I went to Dad’s in the morning. Julie, Brian, and Leannio were there too. After a few hours visiting, back home I went to pick up Mom and Julie again and go to my cousin Kathy’s near Hanover with Monty for some grooming and showing tips.

Kathy and David bought an old school house and are fixing it up into their dream home. It’s really neat. They had some history of the school that was fascinating to read. Their basement walls are five feet thick!! I don’t imagine they had cement trucks back in the early 1900’s to do that either!

We had a good bbq there, and then after dark, we headed back to Listowel. I fell asleep on the couch watching “Deadliest Catch” with Julie, and when I opened my eyes again, Brian and Leannio were standing in front of us waving. They had just returned from the high school reunion dance. I tried to visit, but I was so zonked, I kicked Leannio out of my spot and fell back to sleep.

I woke up around 5am with the worst charley horse cramp in my calf. Leannio and Brian were sleeping downstairs too so I pounded the couch and floor in silence and pain so as to not wake them up, but Monty is a morning whiner so he woke ’em up.

By 9:30am I had added coolant to my hot ol’ truck, and was on the road again. I stopped at Jay’s Sporting Goods in Gaylord, Michigan and bought Monty a bigger collar (his puppy collar was just too thin for his growing neck!) and a sweatshirt for myself.

J. had dinner ready for when I got home! He’s incredible! It was yummy. He even did some work in my yard and organized my garage for me while I was gone. AND he even visited Zeus to keep him company.

Here are a couple of photos of Monty getting groomed by Kathy: