I test drove a Honda Element today!!! After wanting one for probably 2+ years, I finally drove one!

It’s really peppy! You sit nice and tall and high in the drivers seat. It turns really easy and sharp. We took the Alabaster Silver Metallic one out. I really loved the Kiwi Green Metallic one in the show room – it has the new painted panels rather than the black plastic ones.

I don’t figure there is any way I’ll ever afford one, but at least I got to drive one! Here are the numbers he gave me – these numbers are for an automatic, 4WD model (the Y package)

To finance:
Total Amount to Finance: $37,255 (incl. tax, license, etc)

Term: 60
Interest Rate: 3.90%
Monthly Payment: $684.42

Term: 48
Interest Rate: 3.90%
Monthly Payment: $839.51

Term: 36
Interest Rate: 2.90%
Monthly Payment: $1081.76 (yeah right!!)

Alternatively, the leasing arrangement would be:
Term: 48 months
Interest Rate: 5.90%
Monthly Payment: $563.16 (incl. tax)
Due at Signing: $839.41 (=first month’s payment + license + fees)
Residual Value at lease end: $14,122.00

He said if he got a lease back with not too many km’s on it, he’d resell it within the week for $17K. I think that is my best bet. I love how the 2006’s have the painted panels. They also have side air bags and the volume controls on the steering wheel – but those new features probably aren’t worth $20K.

I’m a little concerned about how easily the plastic scratches inside. The one we test drove had just under 200 km’s on it, unless that was a trip meter I was looking at, but anyway, the plastic on the inside of the driver’s door was already significantly scratched up, as was the floor inside of the door.

I guess I just really have to get rid of my student loan first. Then I need a life plan, and I need to see if a Honda Element fits in it. Used mini-vans are much cheaper, but they just are NOT cool, and they have no resale value.

For now I just try to keep my truck on the road. The rear differential is leaking again – I should probably get that looked at.

Okay, off for a night of kabobs on the BBQ, scallops, Heinekens, fire, the season finale of Battlestar Galactica, and then UFC 60 !