Wow, the Sault has the cheapest gas prices in the province right now!

I saw some stations start to go up yesterday so I topped up the top half of my tank at 92.9. Funny how that seems like a bargain. Those gas companies sure know how to brainwash their customers!


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6 Replies to “Gas

  1. WOW that beats Kitchener with it’s 108.9 by a bit. How come you got a break for the first time since you moved up there?

  2. I guess someone forgot to make a phone call to tell them to bump the price!
    Mind you, the price has been over a buck until maybe last week.

  3. Leanne said she saw it in the 80s here, for like an hour. odd flux if you ask me. it was back around 99 again today, like usual.

    when i bought the saturn i got a gas card that gave me 20 cents off per liter. that card just ran out last week. next fill up will be the first over like 81 cents a litre _ever_ for me.

  4. Funny how as soon as you talk about gas prices people will leave you a message, by the way it was like 95 here when I just filled up.

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