I was so tired tonight, sort of like jet lag from a vacation, but more than likely not since we didn’t take a jet.

I decided not to do computer work, but to relax and watch tv and go to bed early. I was up way too late last night doing site updates, and then I had many bad dreams and slept in way way way late this morning feeling like I only had an hour of sleep.

So here I was relaxing tonight… then I smelt that damn cat pee odour again.

Zeus has been peeing once in awhile right against the inside of my back door.

I have deodourized it, carpet cleaned it, put the mat through the washing machine, sprinkled arm and hammer on it, and repeated all of these at least 3 times.

Tonight I had it. He did it again. It wasn’t even dry from last night’s pee. I can’t get the smell out of the carpet. It’s absolutely disgusting. I don’t want my house reeking of cat pee. I was sooooooo angry.

So I did the most logical thing. I took Zeus for a long drive out in to the country.

No, I’m kidding. I did the most logical thing to me. I got out my scissors that can cut through a pop can and I cut out the area he keeps peeing on.

Of course, it turned out that there were three layers of carpet there, on top of some old linoleum.

Well now I have a big hole in the carpet, my hands smell like cat pee (even after scrubbing with soap), and it’s after 11pm and I’m pissed off (pun sort of intended) and want to be asleep.

I guess I’ll be ripping out the rest of the carpet, all 3 layers, and redoing the floor. I’ll have to do something to get rid of the cat pee in the subfloor. I assume it involves a saw.

I just have to figure out what to do with the washing machine, dryer, and water heater. They are all on the carpet and there isn’t a spare millimetre between them. Getting the laundry machines hooked up there in the first place was not a one person job. I’m leaning towards leaving the carpet underneath them and edging whatever flooring I use in front of them. If you have ideas, leave a comment. If you want a cat, he’s yours.

I’ve been using alternative cat litters for a few months and I assume he doesn’t like them much. Although I also think a neighbourhood cat sprays on the outside of that back door every spring. So between the two, he decides to pee on the floor, only in that one spot. If he was doing it in more than one spot, well, use your imagination.