Happy Canada Day! HAPPY CANADA DAY!! Happy Canada Day!

Last night J. and I went to the Drive-In Theatre again, and I stayed awake the entire time!!

The two movies playing were RV and The Omen.

RV stars Robin Williams. I laughed out loud a lot. J. wasn’t so “laughy”. He didn’t think it was very good. I thought that it was funny, but it wasn’t that good of a movie. Worth watching if it’s on tv or you have a free rental, or if you have a really high fever and don’t need something too challenging to watch šŸ˜‰ I give it a 3 stars out of 5. The movie made me kind of wish I had a family and an RV. hehe

The Omen wasn’t too scary. Like the DaVinci Code, it was a movie that was filmed in the dark a lot so there were several times we just couldn’t make out what was happening. There were two or three scenes that made us jump, but nothing so terrifying that J. needed me to hold his hand or anything like that. I give it a 2 stars out of 5.

This morning a training mentor from the retriever club came over and we went out to a field for Monty’s first force fetch session. Now I’ll be having short training sessions with Monty a couple times a day to work through the force fetch program. Now it sounds totally cruel, but what is involved is teaching your dog to obey on the first command through force. The commands used are SIT, STAY, HEEL, FETCH, GIVE, and HOLD IT. Your dog is tied to your leg with the leash so he can’t get away, and then you have both hands free. When the dog doesn’t obey, you pinch the end of his ear until he does. The man that is showing us the ground work has done it this way for 30+ years. Now many trainers use an electronic collar, which I may still do, but we’ll see how it goes. By the end of this program, I’ll have a dog who won’t budge from a sit, will fetch with great speed, and who won’t drop it. Not only for retrieving ducks, but having an obedient dog is safer for both of us. Especially one who will come when he’s called and will sit and stay on command.