Here are some photos I was took last weekend up in the bush while J. was learning how to use his new tree stands.


Butterfly in the Wildflowers


Beautiful Butterfly


This bee flew into this photo as I was trying to focus on the dying daisy. It isn’t quite in focus, but it is still a cool accidental shot !


Two Baby Maple Leaves

Yellow Wildflowers

Okay one more beautiful butterfly

We went across the river to Michigan to pick up my package tonight. And the border guard waved us on even when J. told them it was $240 worth. I guess that $5 bribe last week worked 😀

What did I buy? Dog stuff of course 😉

OH! and the PIZZA!! Little Ceasars across the river has this “Hot and Ready” promo with large Supreme pizzas. Meaning they are already hot and ready to go so you place your order and walk out with your pizza all in under a minute! We got two so we could have left-overs. Oh man I love pizza. :>>