You, Me, and DupreeJ. and I went to see You, Me, and Dupree last night at the theatre. Yes it was a pick of mine, not J’s 😀

I really liked it. It’s a funny fluff film. Owen Wilson plays the same character he always plays. Sweet, lovable, and idiotic. This movie was actually quite lengthy so it was nice to see it in the theatre.

J. didn’t care much for it and has been harbouring an ever growing dislike for Owen Wilson. I did see him checking his watch a few times. He laughed at the funny parts though!

It also stars Michael Douglas, Kate Hudson, and Matt Dillon. Michael Douglas has a real Beavis hair do (as in Beavis and Butthead).

On a side note, it was RIDICULOUS how many commericals the Galaxy Cinemas made us watch. First it was 20 minutes of repeating commericals. Then the movie started and there was at least another 20 minutes before 3 horrible previews.

During the previews, eagle eye J. spotted a spider hanging from a super long web, dangling over the row in front of us. He played the hero and snagged it and let it free on the floor. I believe he was worried that I’d have to watch the movie through the spider and I’d scream like a little girl when I would first notice it. Every little skin twitch through the movie though, I thought it was the spider on my feet or my legs. I’m a spider wussie.

Okay, so my final rating: You, Me, and Dupree – 3/5
J’s rating: 2/5