Here are some photos of the work we’ve been doing.


What we saw when we pulled back the carpet. Luckily the carpet was just stuck to the floor around the outside edge with some sort of thin two-sided tape. The underlay foam fell apart in pieces and some of it had to be scraped up, but it wasn’t too bad.


There was some sort of laminate flooring under the carpet – it had a wood look in an appealing pattern, but it wasn’t in any condition to save. But under the far side of the living room, which used to be a separate bedroom at some point, we found the most lovely flowery flooring!


And when I came home from work, the new laminate flooring was in! J. did a really nice job with it.


Tomorrow will be a late night. I have to get everything ready for the garage sale on the weekend. My friend should be lending us an air nailer so we can do the baseboards faster. I have them already painted and ready to go. J. rented a mitre saw from Home Depot for two days to cut the flooring so we’ll use it to do the baseboards and the trim in the kitchen.

We stuck little felt stickies on the bottom of all the furniture as we are putting it back in the living room so we don’t scratch the floor. I’m leery about the laminate flooring. We spent $1.29 a square foot. I think if I was staying in the house for longer, then I’d research to make sure I was getting some super durable strong stuff that would last for eons. I’m suspicious about this one, but heck, we just want it to make the house sell and smell less like dogs.

Okay bedtime. zzzzzzzzzzzz….