Shelagh Rogers is the host again in the morning on CBC Radio One’s Sounds Like Canada show. What a huge step BACKWARDS. I’m so tired of listening to this woman’s interviews, her over-pronunciation of every syllable, and her over the top laugh. I don’t want to personally bash the woman, I just think CBC did such a GREAT thing replacing her with Jian Ghomeshi for the summer, and it’s sad to go back to this.

And while I’m ranting on the CBC, can you BELIEVE that they are STILL airing that FREESTYLE show in the afternoon? EEEEEEEgads it’s awful. I still rarely make it through the show – it annoys me so greatly. It’s recycled news, it’s scripted banter, and it’s obnoxious.

Today will be the first day of Ontario Today’s new host Rita Celli. I am not familar with her, and I’m trying to keep an open mind and give her a fair shake – it’s just that even as a woman myself, I just don’t like woman radio show hosts or radio DJ’s.