My New Sports Teams?

I have been informed by Jeff that “OUR” sports teams are the Montreal Canadiens and the Denver Broncos.

I don’t know about this… what do you think? Montreal?? and Football???

Good thing we’ll have two TV’s 😀


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10 Replies to “My New Sports Teams?

  1. Great news! You can still get tickets from the resellers for the Sept. 17 game vs Kansas City. WOW what a game that will be! The game is this year not next year! Are you drivingor flying?

  2. wow, I just have a few things to say about this topic,
    1. Lisa you do not, and should not hae the same team as your fav. as your boyfriend.. trust me, it is much more fun if it isn’t. I feel that you should watch a lot of games and choose for yourself like I did. I watched the games and then two years ago I picked the Steelers, and they won it all last year, and won their game yesterday I might add.
    2. There is no way that my sister is going to a live game before me, that would crush me! Dad, you said that you and I would go to a game together if I didn’t go to England, so we have to pick a date before Lisa goes! any game, any place, any team, I just have to get to a game before her!

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