Yes. I have hives. All over my scalp, my forehead, down the side of my face, my neck, armpit, a couple on my upper arm, couple on my chest, more on my back.

Remember last November I took Tylenol and I had an itchy reaction? But since being allergic to Tylenol is so rare I figured it was because it was old, expired, and half crushed? (I was in pain, I didn’t care). That time I woke up with the most extreme itchiness and I took two benadryls to tone it down.

Well today I felt crappy from allergies. I started last night. I had a sore throat and runny nose and by today I was sneezing and sinus pain in my face and neck. So I stopped at the drug store for relief.

I bought Sinutab. I realized it had acetaminophen in it, but didn’t think I was really allergic. I took 2 after work.

30 minutes later I had my baseball cap off and I’m scratching my head like I have lice. I felt little pin pricks all over my head. Odd I think to myself but I’m sure it’s not a reaction. Within 10 minutes I had itchy mosquito bite like bumps all over (hives). Once I could see them all over my face, I took 2 Benadryls and had a shower to stop scratching.

Then I’m wondering if I can even take Benadryl with Sinutab and should I go to the hospital with all these hives or what. Jeff isn’t in town. I’m all alone. Mom is gone on vacation. Her cell is off. Julie wasn’t home. So I called my allergic Aunt Cecilia to calm my fears.

So now I have 2 Sinutabs and 2 Benadryls in my system. I give myself about 20 more minutes before I’m in a deep sleep until tomorrow! One Benadryl alone can knock me out.


I am going to take Aunt Cecilia’s advice and see a Dr. this week so I know what else is in the Tylenol family that I should avoid. Being allergic to Acetaminophen must be rare because there isn’t much coming up on Google. Just like my possible chocolate allergy. I still think I don’t want to test that one. I haven’t had chocolate since Feb ’05.

Damn I’m still itchy.

K, nap time.

Update: It’s 3:01am. I feel asleep at 7:30pm last night. I just woke up to hear Monty puking up some chunks of bone or rawhide or something. Wow I was having some bad dreams. I still feel drugged from the Benadryl so back to sleep I go.