Here are my thoughts on this Thursday Morning:

  1. Canadian Reporters are Slimey – Yesterday I was listening to CBC radio at work, as I always do, so I caught the breaking news as the shooting was happening in Montreal. I couldn’t peel myself away from the radio as it was happening. And now..? Well I can’t stand to turn the TV on. It’s one thing to report on the happenings but they have gone WAY too far into insane land. Yesterday I got home from work, turned on the tv to see that they called up survivors of Columbine to see what they thought and to ask them to relive their own horrors. One guy’s sister had been shot and here was the Canadian reporter asking him to recount the details. This morning they are interviewing a lady’s who’s sister was killed in the Montreal shootings in ’89. What sort of sensationalism shit is this? How does this ad to the story? Quit trying to be CNN. Report the story, then stop babbling and go back to regular programming.
  2. I took today and tomorrow off so I can get the bulk of programming done for a new site I’ve been daydreaming about for a couple of months. I hope I can get it up shortly so it can start earning money.
  3. I was up ’til about 2am helping a fellow webmaster in B.C. migrate his database and fix his blog. We didn’t quite get it all figured out, but it’s better than it was. 😳 I really wanted to sleep in a bit but Monty was EXTRA whiney this morning. I think even Trooper was rolling his eyes at the little bugger.
  4. I downloaded Bob Dylan’s latest album last night. It’s really nice. You can understand the words he is singing. The instruments behind him sound very nice. Worth a download.
  5. Only two more days until Jeff emerges from the wilderness. I’m supposed to have dinner waiting for him. He doesn’t need to know I’m a good cook or like cooking so maybe I’ll just order something. hehehe. Unless you have some other suggestion. I’m assuming fish will be off the menu. He’ll only be home a couple weeks and then moose hunting and goose hunting season opens and he’ll be off again. See, that is why he wanted to stay in Ontario – for all the hunting.
  6. I’m assuming I’ll only be a neat freak until I hear my house sells. I can’t stand seeing dog hair on the floor now. Well I couldn’t before either, but I didn’t do anything about it. Jeff’s chocolate lab sheds WAY more than Monty and it’s dark and coarse and ALL OVER THE PLACE.
  7. Did I mention I have today and tomorrow off? Ahh I looooooooooooooooove working for myself. My boss is putting in a possible 3 month extension for me past my current November 3rd contract end so I can work from home when I move. I love it!