Happy Thanksgiving to all my loyal blog readers!

I could write a big list of all that I am thankful for, but it might get to mushy. hehe

My Thanksgiving Dinner

I had a fantabulous dinner this evening. I cooked up a ham in pineapple, with some wild rice, and carrots, and a delicious salad with broccoli, cauliflower, nuts, and red onions. I ate every morsal on my plate, and I was smart enough to make enough to fill every meal between now and when my chef comes back. Okay maybe not every meal, I already had breakfast covered 🙂

Make Real Free Money!

Now you need to sign up for my new site and make sure it’s working before I release it to the world wide vicious world. It’s called Zligo.com. You sign up and complete offers and I pay you cash money in return! Now there aren’t too many Canadian offers available, but if you refer people to the site, I’ll pay you 25% of every dollar they earn! So sign up and then refer lots of Americans to the site to earn your cash! (seriously, this isn’t a scam, click on the link below)

I got lucky

I won two free exhibition passes to the Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas in January. It’s a big conference for webmaster affiliate folks like myself. I’d really like to go, so I took advantage of a contest and won two passes. They are the half passes though, access to everything except the intense seminars and the meals. I believe they have a value of $300 each. So we’d still have to pay for the flights and hotels and food. I don’t know if we’ll have enough available cash for that assuming we’ve just bought a house by January, but we’ll see! I’ve never been to Vegas, I’d love to go!

Monty goes fishing

So Monty found a new way this weekend to pass the time. He watches the cory catfish in my aquarium! I took a video. I uploaded it to YouTube so it’s not so big (fuzzier though..):

Close to Furnace Time

I’m about to cave and turn on the furnace. I’ve been so cold all day. The forecast looks like it’ll be on before the week is through. And if I’m not mistaken, I think I see FLURRIES in the forecast!
Sault Ste. Marie weather forecast

Back to work

Back to work tomorrow. And it’s only a four day week. Weee ha! Hopefully this week will bring me a house buyer. All my leaves are falling and I’ve always said this house would be so much more difficult to sell when the leaves are gone :'( But I’m not giving up hope of us living in our new house before Christmas!