Looks like I’m going to my first football game!

Dad got 7 tickets for the bunch of us to go see the Buffalo Bills play the Tennessee Titans in Buffalo on December 24th at 1pm. Exciting! I hope it won’t be too cold!

Leanne bragged to me that she had free Raptors tickets last night. I need to live closer so I can mooch when she has such glorious bragging rights. Basketball is my FAVOURITE sport and I need to go watch a game some day. Unfortunately Jeff hates basketball. But he said he still go with me. Once. 😀

Anyway back to football – none of our teams is Buffalo or Tennessee so I don’t know how we choose who to cheer for. Julie and Jeff think I’d get beat up if I wore a pink Denver hat. Hmmmmm….. Do they wear big fingers at football games? Do I have to start watching it on TV to find out how it all works? hehehe. I’m excited! :p

P.S. – There was a bit of snow on surfaces outside when I went to work! I slept through the first snow fall!