Worthy Cause

When I was reading the online edition of the Listowel Banner this morning, I caught the story of my kindergarten teacher Mrs. Collinson who was behind a donation from the Women’s Institute to the Sapper Mike McTeague Wounded Warrior Fund.

Mike McTeague grew up in Atwood, had Mrs. Collinson was his kindergarten teacher too. Earlier this year when he was serving in Afghanistan and was handing out candy to children, the suicide bomber on a bicycle stopped by to blow them all up.

Mike survived and is recovering at the St. John’s Rehab Centre in Toronto. Unfortunately, although his medical bills are covered (he has multiple broken bones and internal injuries and burns), there is nothing for him and the other recovering soldiers to do. Even a TV in the room costs $10 a day to rent.

A 13 year old student in Port Hope got the idea to start the Sapper Mike McTeague Wounded Warrior Fund. It aims to put together a package of entertainment for the recovering soldiers – things like DVD’s, CD’s, books, iPods, games, electronics.

They have already raised $22,000 and aim to have raising $100,000 before spring when the chances of being injured by the Taliban is the greatest.

If you want to donate, send a cheque to the Sapper Mike McTeague Wounded Warrior Fund at PO Box 141, Stn. Brooklin, Whitby, Ont., L1M 1B5.

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  1. We knew Sean and Karen well from lions/Lioness…really brings it home to where ever you are doesn’t it?
    Not surprised Maree is out there fighting for the good of one of “her ‘ kids! Thanks for the info Lisa.
    Very tearful and touching story.
    Thank God there are so many people in the world doing good out there to try and help others.

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