Thank goodness I was sitting here on my computer about 30 minutes ago.

I heard a gurgle gurgle gurgle. I looked over and saw a HUGE puddle on the floor – huge meaning it stretched from my office door all the way over to the closet!!!

It was aquarium water!!

What I think happened – I use a simple filter in the aquarium – the old box filter with charcoal and aquarium filter fluff. I think one of the dogs knocked the air hose off of the air pump on the floor. Then the hose reversed and it started pumping all the water on to the floor until it reached the top of the box filter where it gurgled. That means there was about 5 gallons of water on the floor before I noticed it! What if I wasn’t home!?!?!

I quickly unplugged the cords from the power source and then I ran for towels and then more towels and then Jeff woke up from his nap to grab more towels. Nothing seems too damaged – the fans are on and everything is picked up out of the water.

Too bad fish can’t call for help!!