We pulled it off! Jeff and I managed to attend all the Christmases for both of our families together. I had a great time all week. I apologize to anyone who caught my germs – I’ve been sick since Christmas. My cold has now moved into the coughing like a dog and hackin’ up green goop stage. I’ve spend parts of each night on the futon in the living room so I don’t keep Jeff up all night.

Here is Jeff and I at the Verkley family Christmas on the 23rd:


On the 24th Dad treated us to a football game! We went to Buffalo to watch the Buffalo Bills play the Tennessee Titans. Buffalo lost by one point!

I’ve never been to a NFL game before. What a different world we entered! Tens of thousands of people flock to the area of the game to have tailgate parties. It was wild!

It was a coooool windy day. Jeff and I thought we were so smart with our thermal seats we brought to place on the cold stadium seat. Who would have guessed that everyone STANDS for the ENTIRE game!!

For the first half, I wasn’t really too in to it. I was cold and crowded and the no brain fans behind and in front of us were driving me nuts. In the second half, I decided to dance and cheer (to keep warm) but it was infectious and I started to follow the game more. It really takes work – when you watch a game on TV, the camera follows the guy with the ball. When you are in the stands, it is more difficult to figure out who is cupping the ball in their arms.

Here are some photos:





More updates and photos to come – I wouldn’t want to overwhelm you all at once 😉