I’m nearing the end of my job. It’s been 6 years of back to back contracts. Now the end is near – February 6th is my last day.

Because I have some unused holidays, and my boss has no extra money in the project to pay out the time, I am taking off the remaining 5 Mondays. Maybe this will be a good way to phase myself out of there.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do for work. We need to move from here as soon as my house sells. Jeff is being pressured to get himself moved to Parry Sound by April. He is also in a job competition that probably won’t be wound up until April. I’m still not too stressed about that and I think everything will work out and my house will sell exactly when we need it to, and not until then. However no matter what happens, we’re moving soon, so I don’t feel it’s right to seek down and/or secure another decent job here when I’d have to bolt so fast.

There is a call centre that handles incoming computer tech support. I’m sure I could get on there and they wouldn’t care if I left in a couple of months. But if it pays only $10 a hour – how does that compare to unemployment? I’ve never gone on unemployment before and understand that I can’t even do anything to get that set up until I have my Record of Employment after my job is done.

I also earn money online – not too much – but it’s always increasing. I’m sure I’ll have to subtract that income from any unemployment I would qualify for.

I might just start submitting proposals for web design tenders. I really don’t like working for clients and work so much better for myself, but it could be decent money – and I could also subcontract the work. Which is stressful but an option.

Every day I’m a little more anxious about my job ending. I know how horrible it was the last year that I didn’t have a real job and I lived in my Mom’s basement and I had no money and a lot of debt and a lot of collection agencies harassing me on the phone and I was horribly depressed. I don’t want to go in that direction at all – it’s completely unhealthy.

Thankfully Jeff has fully moved in now so I won’t have to pay for all of the mortgage and utility bills on my own anymore. What a comfort! At the same time, I don’t want to be a freeloader.

I’ll just have to remain confident that everything will work out, and in the meantime I’ll explore all my options!