My job ends next Tuesday. I’ve already been taken out of the pay system and have made arrangements to transfer my pension into locked investments through my bank.

Now it looks like I will be extended for 4 weeks to work with another department (my 4th within the building). I programmed a prototype research sites archiving database in 2002-2003 and now they want to use it and I’m the only one who knows anything about it so they want to hire me back to edit and improve its features.

Administration was none too happy about having to redo all sorts of paperwork for me. I guess a couple of department heads leaned on the management and they some how accessed a secret pot of money and decided to hire me at this last minute.

I have drastically mixed feelings. I’ve been winding everything down here and was down to 4.5 more working days. I was ready to shift gears. However, being employed for 4 more weeks will be really good financially-wise for Jeff and I since we’ll probably be here that long anyway and I had no other work options that would hire me for such a short period of time.

The house is being shown tomorrow (postponed from the weekend). Turns out the guy last week was interested but he just started his search so he wasn’t ready to settle for mine yet. Tomorrow’s viewer is single with a dog so that is another strong possibility. Now I hope that if it sells soon it doesn’t close until at least mid-March if not April 1st.

K, break over, back to work.