I was so inspired today to better my health I got up at a decent hour so I could get in a good 40 minutes of exercise before work. I decided to focus on my upper arms, legs, and back in my workout today. It feels so good to be alive!!!!


Okay you figured me out. I didn’t go to the gym – I had to shovel snow. I only got the area cleared from behind my back bumper to the road. Luckily the plow hasn’t made it to our street in a couple of days. I had to shovel my way from my door to the gate and then shovel out the gate so it would open. From the gate to the front bumper of my truck the snow is knee high (truck is parked mid-way in the driveway). I used Jeff’s big snow scoop for quite a bit of it. (He’s out of town this week).

After my work-out, I rushed through a shower, pleading for the plow not to come. Thankfully it didn’t.

We’re supposed to get up to 30cm again today. I have to take some photos tonight. It’s impressive! Damn that global warming! :))