A big snowstorm has its sights directly on the Soo. Man I would really like one big whopper of a storm before we leave this dirty ol’ town for good. Only Jeff isn’t back yet!! His flight at midnight tonight was looking really iffy – freezing rain in Toronto, snowstorm here – instead he’s going to cancel his seat and head out shortly to drive back up here and try to beat the storm.

Jerry Shields, of SooWeather.com, said to expect 20-30cm. PLUS winds up to 60km/hr. Looking back on the records, he said the most the Soo has ever gotten on March 2nd was 20cm back in 2002. The most snow ever to fall in one day here in March is 27cm. Damn that global warming, eh? 😀

Looks like it should set in around 9pm at last estimate. So far it’s just overcast and gusty with no snow.