I am now an Aunt!!! Leanne and Brian had a girl yesterday afternoon – Hadley Marie – 8 lbs. She isn’t even 24 hours old and she already has her own website!! http://ajax.verkley.com/hadley/
Congratulations Brian & Leanne!

Jeff and I drove down to Ypsilanti, Michigan yesterday for a conference he had to attend for work this week. I’m just tagging along.

This hotel room is wild. There is a big king sized bed that is so soft – down duvet and pillows. Three telephones (including the one beside the toilet). View of the golf course. But the TV is on a side wall so only one person can really see it from the bed! How odd!

Although they advertised high speed wireless, turns out it is an extra $10/day charge. At least I can sit here and wait to see photos of my niece though!!

This morning we had room service for breakfast! I’ve never had room service before! At night you select what you want for breakfast on a card and what time you want to eat your breakfast, and then you hang it on your door at midnight. Then in the morning, presto! Breakfast is served! It was all on one tray even with a couple of real flowers for decoration.

Last night we drove down to Cabela’s. I got a pair of hiking shoes by Merrell. They are comfy. It is law enforcement/fire fighter appreciation week so we got such a good discount at the check-out that we’re going back again tomorrow 😀

I’m on Jeff’s laptop so I don’t have my graphics program here, but I’ll try to upload a few photos I’ve taken already.

See how the TV is on the side wall? It pulls out a bit, but you can’t turn it. Odd.

Here’s breakfast!

Look at this itty bitty ketchup bottle! So cute!


I’m not sure what I’m going to get up to today while Jeff is in his conference. I was going to go for a walk around town but it’s raining pretty good. I do have a hood… well we’ll see. I didn’t get much sleep last night. My throat has been sore (swollen tonsils again) and I snored so much I didn’t sleep well. Jeff snored too – maybe it’s the super soft bed. There is a pool downstairs but I’ll probably wait until Jeff can swim too. I doubt I’ll take the truck anywhere – the roads are whacked around here with lots of traffic. I like my chauffeur Jeff 😉