Jeff was looking at pieces of land to set up his tent for a few months yesterday. He thought he’d shower at work. That is how desperate the housing situation is in Parry Sound. He even looked for a travel tent trailer.

Well tonight it has all come into place. As of April 21st we will be renting a 3 bedroom house on 200 acres about 15 minutes south of town – just off Highway 400.

The lady who lived there died a year ago so it’s been empty awhile. The decor is apparently dated, but who cares!?! Jeff says it is comparable to the house I just sold. Nothing fancy, nothing new, but totally suitable.

Get this – the owners will leave it furnished for us – it saves them the hassle of totally emptying it and it saves us the hassle of taking much out of storage. Washer, dryer, fridge, stove, microwave, coffee maker, toaster, dishes, tv, couches – Jeff just had to tell them what to leave and what to take. We’ll get our own bed out of storage but they’ll leave dressers for us and clear out the closets.

They are going to keep the hydro in their name and we’ll just pay the bill. The owners live next door and both work in Jeff’s building so I guess we’re more trustworthy than the next bum.

They want to replace the oil tank and furnace so we’ll just use what’s left. It’s bound to warm up soon anyway. It’ll soon be May!

It has a septic system and a well. I hope the water is safe to drink. If not, we’ll manage. It’s all good.

And the best thing ever, totally unexpected, I’m so giddy – it has high speed cable internet there so I can continue my online work!! YE HA! 😀 😀

They are also okay with pets. We’ll just clean the carpets when we go, although they may be replacing them as well. It sounds like there is lots of treed land behind the house to exercise the dogs.

:>> We’re all smiles tonight!

I very much appreciate my mother’s good nature to let us stay here in the meantime. Think she’ll try to keep my cat? ;D