I had forgotten there could ever be this many f>:XXng mosquitoes. I’d take blackflies any day over these buggers. There weren’t bad, and then, BAM! This morning I took both dogs at the same time to pee. I went out fully dressed, hooded sweatshirt, and I still ended up with bites all over my forehead. Tonight I wore a toque outside! Jeff is getting off really easy going away for 11 days starting on Sunday. I was going to invite people to come and stay and visit with me to pass the time, but I wouldn’t ask anyone to come here – you’d never go back outside! I feel so bad for the wildlife that have to put up with that constant bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

So Jeff got back from Halifax today. He had his final interview early this morning. He prepared well and did his best and now we will just wait and see if it’s in the stars for us to go to Nova Scotia or not. We’ll know within the next 2 weeks.

Not too much else new. I redid http://YouNeedAThong.com with a datafeeds from 3 companies. It will also automatically update itself once a week with products, prices, and the current sales. I’m excited about the possibilities that I have now with access to these datafeeds. This thong site of mine is such a super slutty site now it makes me giggle. So far most people are clicking on the crotchless thong page the most. :))

Facebook is continuing to awe me. Several people I went to kindergarten with have added me to their network. I would never have found these people (new last names). Several of them have their hands full with children. I’d probably never have heard of them again if it wasn’t for Facebook. I’m loving it. There are groups on there for Rangers too – even an Esker group. I can’t wait to get my scanner out of storage so I can add some of my photo memories too.