Here are a collection of photos of the house we’re buying. It’s on 3.6 acres on the side of a hill. 4 bedrooms upstairs, 1 full bath, 1 master bath with a shower stall, and one half bath on the main floor. And I will have my very own den on the main floor for my computer and books. As a compromise, Jeff gets to call the entire basement “his den” and he’ll do his fiddling and woodworking down there until we build a garage some day.



The current owners have already moved out so the beautiful gardens and lawn are starting to look neglected and overgrown. We’ll be busy for the next year getting them back in shape!

Here is the view down the laneway. The wildflowers along the driveway are nice, but not sure if we’ll trim it up to look neater or not.

Here is the view from the mailbox looking up the driveway (and there is our rental car we used last week).

Here is the view at the end of the driveway looking across the road at Lochaber Lake. Oddly enough the locals pronounce it “Lock Harbour”.

Looking across the front lawn from the driveway:

Side of the house – there is a porch on the side and around the back. Jeff envisions expanding it right across the front of the house and maybe chopping a few trees down in front (although it’s not our land – it’s Nova Scotia’s) for a better lake view from ground level – it’s a fantastic view from upstairs!

Leave a comment if you couldn’t see the photos from the Facebook link and I’ll post inside photos too.